Hi, I guess you could say I'm new to this Wiki but I have been on it a lot this is just my first blog. I would like your opinions on what kind of character I should roleplay as. So anyway here are the three I can't decide on.

This character would use melee weapons exclusively because he believes that is the only way to truly prove yourself as a great warrior. He follows the strong so he would be a part of the Caesars Legion. He would also be kinda mentally unstable and also cannibalistic. I was thinking of doing 8 strength, 7 endurance, and put melee, survival, and maybe sneak as my starter skills.

Drug Dealer
So for this character I would use mix of either melee and energy or melee and guns but rely heavily on speech to get out of his problems. He's his own man but he doesn't openly express that and tries to be on everyones good side especially those who can get him paid. He's not a murderer though and tries not to kill people unless he has to. I was thinking of doing either 7 intelligence, 7 charisma, 1 luck or 8, intelligence, and 7 charisma. I would put science, barter, speech as my skills.

Scientist (kinda)
For this guy for weapons he would use energy weapons but he would not kill anyone unless they are really terrible or he has too. He admires Dr House and decides to work for him but he tries to keep good relations with the NCR. He loves to help any place he can and is very much like a Follower of the Apocalypse but not an official member. For his SPECIAL I was probably just going to do 10 intelligence or maybe 9 intelligence and 6 charisma. For his skills I was going to do science, medicine, and repair.

So yeah it would nice to get feedback and tell me which character I should be. Or perhaps give your own suggestions or maybe just tweak mine a bit. Any comments would be appreciated, thanks!