This is one of my newer ideas for a new Fallout game. It isn't done, so some parts will be empty or incomplete. Enjoy.


Energy Weapons

Repulse Rifle - Uses pulse technology to send enemies flying with fatal velocity. Requirements: Strength 6, Energy Weapons 60

Plasma Thrower - A cannon-like plasma weapon that hurls superheated wads of plasma. Requirements: Strength 6, Energy Weapons 70

AER-87 Laser Projector - A prototype laser rifle, modified with several lens to encompass a wider field. Requirements: Strength 4, Energy Weapons 40

Multiplas Pistol - A pepperbox inspired plasma pistol. Fires 4 shots instead of 1. Requirements: Strength 4, Energy Weapons 50

Disruptor Grenade - A grenade that shoots out different sized plasma wads. Requirements: Strength 5, Energy Weapons 60

Violator - A double barreled plasma rifle. The barrel heats the plasma to a flaming point, so the plasma is on fire when shot. Requirements: Strength 5, Energy Weapons 60

Small Guns

Hyper Pistol - A double action 9mm pistol. Shoots twice as fast as a hunting rifle. Requirements: Strength 3, Guns 50

Justice - A unique variety of hunting rifle, they shoot slightly slower than the Hyper Pistol, but have more damage. Requirements: Strength 5, Guns 65

Steel Wool - A single shotgun that shoots large pieces of metal, like a musket. Requirements: Strength 6, Guns 80

The Crippler - A violent shotgun. Lacking a stock, but with an unmodified and lengthy barrel, this weapon requires amazing skill to use. Requirements: Strength 6, Guns 85,


Tribe Stick - A sharpened stick used by the bands of tribals roaming the outskirts of the City. Requirements: Strength 3, Melee 35

Wooden Bat - A baseball bat made out of wood. Requirements: Strength 3, Melee 40

The Agitator - A rusty fishing rod. It isn't good for anything other than fishing. Requirements: Strength 4, Melee 40

Big Guns

The Obtuse - A powerful sniper rifle. Shoots rare .44 obtuse rounds, made specifically for this weapon. Requirements: Strength 5, Big Guns 60

The Acute - A weaker version of the famous Obtuse. While lacking damage, it has a much quicker rate of fire, and is chambered in 10mm. Requirements: Strength 4, Big Guns 60

Gamma Ray - A cannon that shoots out a violent wave of radiation. Since it uses radiation, it has no effect on Ghouls or Super Mutants. Requirements: Strength 7, Big Guns 75

Shortie - A small, compacted Tesla Cannon. Requirements: Strength 5, Big Guns 75


The Discount - A glove dipped in radiation and poisoning. While equipped, it irradiates the wearer. Deals significant damage to everything but Ghouls and Super Mutants.


T-60F Power Armor - A modern version of Power Armor, created after the Great War by the Offshore Remnants. Requirements: Strength 6

Polarized Combat Armor - Combat armor meant for extremely cold environments. Requirements: Strength 5

Tribal Garments - Rags and trinkets worn by tribals. Requirements: Strength 3

Warrior's Armor - Armor worn by the Warriors gang. Consists of a duster wrapped in duct tape, patched with baseball uniforms. Requirements: Strength 4

East Side Armor - A tuxedo modified with T-51b plating. Worn by the East Side Outfit. Requirements: Strength 5

Southwest Side Armor - A dirty tuxedo adorned with pieces of T-45b power armor. Worn by the SW Outfit. Requirements: Strength 5

AID items

Stimjuice - Nerfed stimpacks used by the Offshore Remnants. Requirements: Medicine 30 Gives: HP +30 to +100

Crunch Berries - potent fruit found in forests. Can either be a powerful healing gent, or a fast acting poison. Requirements: Medicine 40, Medicine 75 to ensure a healthy berry. Gives: (Healthy berry) HP +40 to +60, Intelligence -1 (Bad berry) HP +10, Intelligence -1, Perception -3, Poison +60

Peanuts - Salty nuts in a plastic bag. Gives: HP +20 to 50, Rads +3

Nuk-bagels - microwavable bagels. Gives: HP +20 to 40, Rads +11


Muerte - A large, mutated bumblebee. FEV combined with radiation created these violent aviators. Be weary of their large nests.

Radspider - A mutated spider. FEV combined with radiation has lead to the creation of large arachnids and even large webs. Characters with low agility will find themselves being trapped in these beasts' webs with no way out.

Queen Radroach - A mythical beast. According to the insane folk said to have encountered it, its ferocity makes a Yao Guai look like a Bloatfly. Of course, everyone that talks about 'her' IS insane, right?


Androids - Half human, half robot soldiers created for the annexation of Canada.

Mister Sentries - Abominations of machinery. A combination of a Mister Gusty model with that of a Sentry Bot.

Rogue Securitrons - Malfunctioning Securitron models that roam the City.

Rogue Protectrons - Malfuntioning Protectrons that have become self-aware.




Factions- Unlike in previous Fallout games, you will be able to join factions, very much like in Oblivion, who will give you access to a wide range of mission and can change the course of the storyline.

Major Factions

Minor Factions


Great Karma

Good Karma

Neutral Karma

Bad Karma

Evil Karma

New Things




That's all for now.