• Automatic Grand Theft


    July 17, 2011 by Automatic Grand Theft

    This is one of my newer ideas for a new Fallout game. It isn't done, so some parts will be empty or incomplete. Enjoy.


    Energy Weapons

    Repulse Rifle - Uses pulse technology to send enemies flying with fatal velocity. Requirements: Strength 6, Energy Weapons 60

    Plasma Thrower - A cannon-like plasma weapon that hurls superheated wads of plasma. Requirements: Strength 6, Energy Weapons 70

    AER-87 Laser Projector - A prototype laser rifle, modified with several lens to encompass a wider field. Requirements: Strength 4, Energy Weapons 40

    Multiplas Pistol - A pepperbox inspired plasma pistol. Fires 4 shots instead of 1. Requirements: Strength 4, Energy Weapons 50

    Disruptor Grenade - A grenade that shoots out different sized plasma wads. Requirem…

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  • Automatic Grand Theft

    These next posts will basically be an overview of my progect of creating the Chrysalis Highwayman from the first two Fallout games. July 16: Got most of the undercarriage finished with the paint. Almost all of the car is primer, except for the new front end. Expecting to put the metallic finisher on by tomorrow morning.

    July 17: The front end is finished. Painting the interiors.

    July 18: The whole body is painted. Primer wouldn't work, can exploded. After that was cleaned up, I got a new can and finished spraying it. Rubbed the body down with steel wool.e

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  • Automatic Grand Theft

    So I just murder raped some super mutant brutes with a broken Hunting rifle. The were the same ones in the same place as the picture on their page shows, only the one with the missile launcher had an assault rifle. I was using a fairly broken hunting Rifle, with no gun-related perks, and the armored vault jumpsuit. I'm rank 5, about 3/4 away from rank 6. Was this luck, or is the rifle a superweapon? I want to try the same rifle with all the other types of mutants later today.

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