Hello everyone. Hello everyone, I'm back and this time, I want to talk about Fallout 4.

What type of music would you like to see in the next fallout and when do you think that Bethesda will announce Fallout 4, will it be this year or next year or at the VGX's or at Quakecon or TGS, well not TGS or something like that. Where would you like Fallout 4 to be set in, I know I made another blog about locations and such, since rumors and reports suggest Boston and if it's not Boston let's say if it's not in Boston, would it be the Erie Lakes, there is so much lore in Fallout or how about in Philadelphia because that's one of the locations in F3, I prefer F3 and mostly the East Coast rather then the core region because there is so much lore and history in the East but there is alot of history in the core region as well, but I would not like it to set in the Mojave again, it was too boring for me, I know most people prefer NV over 3 because it's the true sequel to Fallout 2. If you could choose any place where would F4 take place and would you like Three Dog to return? And DLC, where would you like F4's DLC to take place in, sound off in the comments! (PS: I love talking about locations, I'm sorry, it's so much history in the locations.)