This year's Hugo Awards have just been announced today at the annual Worldcon science fiction convention. According to Wired's Gus Mastrapa, the only reason Fallout 3 didn't win a Hugo is because there is no video game category yet. Here's an excerpt:

Fallout 3 and Dead Space were exercises in world-building — one a vast, sprawling post-apocalyptic dystopia, the other a claustrophobic vision of Hell in space. That’s not to say that the stories in those videogames can stand up next to the prose in the novels and short stories that earned Hugos this year.
But videogames tackle science-fiction from a unique angle. Science-fiction has always been good at asking, “What if?” Games pose the same question slightly differently: “What if you were there?” They transport gamers someplace alien, letting them try on a new skin. Granted, a good many sci-fi videogames are shooters, but don’t hold that against them. After the Aikido-style pacifism of Portal, all game makers need is a little more encouragement.

You can read more at Wired: Hugo Awards Overdue For A Videogame Category.

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