MSNBC has posted an interview with William Sadler, the actor voicing the cowboy robot Victor in Fallout: New Vegas.

How is preparing for a role in a video game similar or different from preparing for a role in a movie?

I don't think there is a great deal of difference. You gather as much information about the character and their background as you can. In the case of Vic in "Fallout: New Vegas," Jason (Bergman, senior producer at Bethesda) helped me a lot because I didn't really know anything about him before I went in. We talked about the fact that he embodies the personality of Vegas Vic – that classic old sign from Las Vegas – and that he's sort of the quintessential '50s cowboy.

There are parallels between what I did with the Grim Reaper in "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey" for example and Vegas Vic. They are both these sort of iconic figures who perhaps are not the brightest bulbs but they are funny and helpful allies in your journey.
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