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As we're waiting for the new patch and the Honest Hearts announcement, here's another portion of news about the wiki, this time focusing on our brand new group project.

As you've noticed, we've recently introduced the achievement badges, which were discussed in more detail in the previous digest. This time, we'll see how well they'll motivate you for participating in the Fallout: New Vegas creatures project and Fallout 3 creatures project, which now has a special set of hunter badges associated with it. Advance from being a lowly Raven Hunter to being a Legendary deathclaw Hunter!

The two projects aim to improve the quality of articles on Fallout: New Vegas creatures and Fallout 3 creatures and bring them in line with The Vault's new article layout guideline.

After a lengthy discussion about the new policies, we are introducing a new format for creature pages. Previously, each variant of a creature (e.g. centaur and evolved centaur) had separate pages. Now they are being merged on one page that will list all variants of a given creature type - our new centaur (Fallout: New Vegas) page lists all centaur variants in neat tables. Like with item articles, all main articles for creatures that appear in multiple games should now be overview pages - e.g. the centaur article.

You'll find details on how to help achieve the project's goals on the project's page. If you have any questions, ask here or on the project's talk page. If you feel intimidated by all the technical stuff, you can still earn the badges by helping us improve the articles' content!

After this project is finished, expect more such projects with more special badges. In addition, the most active project participants will receive a special "Hunting Master" platinum badge!

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