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As you can see, this digest is no longer called our "weekly digest", for an obvious reason - it's not really weekly anymore. Some very creative names were suggested in the previous digest, but we decided to go with the simplest choice.

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Porter21 discusses the state of the wiki

Fellow bureaucrat Porter21 has blogged about the state of the wiki - areas of the wiki that have improved the most over the last year, as well as ones that still need the most improvements. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the discussion. What do you, as our readers, think needs the most improvement?

In my opinion, being a wiki which covers all Fallout games is both our biggest strength and our biggest challenge. It is a strength insofar as that we can offer a wealth of background information and interesting tidbits from all games and that the wiki can serve as a central point of reference no matter what Fallout game a reader plays. But it is also a challenge; in comparison to wikis which only deal with one specific game we have to deal with an increased demand for good structure and navigation.

Quite a bit of work has already been poured into the navigation side of things. You know, all the work on linked infobox headers, portals and overview pages wasn't just done for the hell of it :) Its purpose was to make it easier for a reader to find content for the game he or she is looking for. I think this has gone pretty well, and on that front we're ready for more games to be added to the series.

What we definitely need to improve is the organization of multi-game content. In a lot of articles with a subject which appears in multiple games, it's hard to see what information refers to which game. While that is not a major problem for lore information (as long as non-canon information is properly labelled), it is one for gameplay information. It's very frustrating trying to figure out whether the note you just read refers to the game you're playing or another one. Splitting up the weapon and armor articles (which we - mostly Ausir so far - have started to do) is a good first step, but I think we're far from the end of the road in that regard. As such, any suggestions how to improve the organization of multi-game content are more than welcome.

Read the whole thing here.

Wikia news

Rich text editor upgrade

The rich text editor has been updated again. Here are some of the improvements:

  • Its faster! We upgraded the core engine to CKEditor v3.1 which brings many feature improvements and a faster and more reliable editing experience
  • Reworked article parsing which means fewer spacing and formatting changes in underlying wikitext
  • Its now easier to move images and videos during edit mode using built-in browser drag and drop functionality
  • Advanced code (such as templates and parser tags) is represented by a 'puzzle' icon in edit mode - hover over them to see more info
  • Added support for Chrome, Opera and Safari

WikiStickies updated

The WikiStickies feature on the MyHome page has been updated with some new features. Admins can now add more custom open tasks for users in addition to the automatically generated ones.

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