Nukapedia News Digest
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A little update on what's going on at The Vault and Wikia lately.

The Vault news

  • Notability policy changes have been proposed.
  • The decapitalization project is now officially complete, although many pages still need capitalization corrections.

Wikia news

Wikia has announced its new skin implementation timeline. As a reminder, the new skin's public beta -- which involves the new look being tested on five wikis, including Red Dead Wiki -- began last week. The next will be moving all wikis over to the new skin. Here is the projected timeline:

October 6, 2010
  • The new look will continue to be default for logged-out users on the beta wikis
  • All logged in users will be able to “switch on” the new look for themselves on any wiki they visit.
  • All new wikis created will automatically use the new look.
  • Every wiki in the Wikia Lifestyle Hub will showcase the new look.
October 20, 2010
  • All users will see the new look on every wiki.
  • Logged in users will have the temporary option of viewing and editing wikis in Monaco.
November 3, 2010
  • The option to use Monaco will be removed.

Please note that this timeline does not include non-English wikis, which will require translation. We will announce the international transition plan in the coming weeks.

Wikia's Terms of Use have been updated as well. Admins will no longer be able to completely remove core features for all users by using custom CSS or JavaScript. This is to protect the universal layout and functionality of every wiki on Wikia and ensure that users have access to all of the features available in the new design. These new terms only apply to the CSS of the wiki as a whole -- they don’t apply to your personal pages. To give a few practical examples of what this means: It’s not permitted to remove the right sidebar modules, blogs, and image attribution or add a banner that shifts the entire content area down the page, or alter the fixed width.

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