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The Vault news

Porter's template overhaul

Porter21 continues to improve The Vault's templates. He has now finished a makeover of our {{Navbox}} template. This template replaces all of our existing navbox meta-templates like the old {{Navbox}}, {{Navbox collapsible group}}, {{Navbox columns}}, {{Navbox group}}, {{Nb main}} etc etc etc. You can do everything you could do with all the old templates (and more) with the new one. The usage changes are minimal (explained below).

You can see the template in action on the template page, which also has the full documentation.

New features:

  • Ability to display images within the navbox, to the left and/or right of the content as well as to the left/right of individual blocks.
  • Navboxes can be nested; i.e. you can put one navbox into another, kind of like those Russian babushka dolls.
  • It's now possible to have some blocks collapsed while the others remain uncollapsed, or have some blocks with columns and some without - all within the same navbox. Basically you can mix and match whatever you like.
  • New style for better readability.
  • Fully stylable with CSS. Styles can be applied to the whole navbox, all cells of a certain type, all cells within a block or individual cells.

Usage changes:

  • The name parameter has been renamed to editlink. People kept confusing this with the navbox title, so it was made less ambiguous.
  • The various align parameters have been removed. Changing text-alignment can now be done with the new style parameters; see the template page for examples.
  • Parameters for displaying the images have been added; see the template page for details.
  • Parameters for changing various options globally or for certain blocks have been added. These allow for e.g. changing a block to column-style display, making it collapsible etc. Multiple options can be specified, separated by commas.
  • Parameters for nesting navboxes have been added; see the template page for details.

In addition, all navboxes have been renamed to include a "Navbox" prefix; e.g. "Megaton" has become "Navbox Megaton".

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