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While the digests were originally supposed to be weekly, as you can see, this year we haven't even managed to make them monthly. Anyway, here's an update on what's going on at The Vault and Wikia lately.

The Vault news

Capitalization policy

After a lengthy discussion, a new policy regarding capitalization of article names and article text has been decided upon. We decided to use normal prose spelling (just like Wikipedia) instead of the in-game spelling (which can also vary from game to game).

  • Article names and links should not be overcapitalized, regardless of whether they relate to in-game subjects or not, and regardless of in-game spelling. For example, we use "Fallout series" and "Fallout setting", not "Fallout Series" and "Fallout Setting". Proper names, such as Pancor Jackhammer should be capitalized, but common words, like combat shotgun, should not.
    • If it's not clear whether a name is a proper name or a common one, naming should be discussed and decided on a case by case basis.
  • If the spelling used on the wiki is different from the in-game spelling, a redirect from the in-game spelling should be created.
  • When used in a sentence [[links]] should follow normal grammatical sentence structure, so unless it's a proper noun don't capitalize it.
    • For example, "A raider killed a super mutant with an assault rifle", not "A Raider killed a Super Mutant with an Assault Rifle".

Of course adjusting existing articles to the new policy will take a while.

Signature images policy

There's a new update to our user conduct guideline regarding images in user signatures:

Avoid using obtrusive signatures: Custom signatures which are obtrusive, annoying or unnecessarily large should be avoided as they detract from the purpose of talk and forum pages. A signature should not affect surrounding text to a great extent. Only one image is allowed per signature, and it must be no larger than 40 pixels in width and 20 pixels in height. Using the "thumb" or "frame" options is forbidden.

Porter's template overhaul

Porter21 is working on an overhaul of our various templates, most of which he created himself.

First of all, there's the template spring cleaning that he did last month. Mostly the changes encompassed better documentation and behind-the-scenes improvments, but a few templates have seen more significant changes. Here's a summary of changes with consequences for the end user:

  • Page management templates (e.g. {{cleanup}} etc): Almost all of them now support an unnamed parameter for describing the issue in more detail, similar to {{delete}}.
  • {{main}}: Previously, all "uneven" unnamed parameters (#1, #3, #5) were page names and all "even" parameters (#2, #4, #5) were alternate display texts. Now, all unnamed parameters are page names and alternative display texts are set with the corresponding t# parameter (e.g. t3 overwrites the default text for the third link). Also supports up to 5 page links now (previously 3).
  • {{see}}: See {{main}} above; now uses the same syntax and also supports up to 5 pages (previously only 1).
  • {{for}}: Now supports replacing the text for the "see XYZ" links with t# parameters.
  • {{console}}: Completely rewritten to allow for more flexible markup without using an auxiliary template. Previously you needed to use {{CArg}} to format console command parameters; now you can do it directly with the template.
  • {{notebox}} and {{dialoguefilebox}}: These templates now automatically preserve line breaks, i.e. it's no longer necessary to manually add <br/> all over the place.
  • {{transclusion}} has been renamed to {{transcluded}} and {{anchor}} has been renamed to {{linkable}}. The new names should hopefully make the purpose clearer.

He has also presented a lengthy list of proposed changes to our infobox and navbox templates, as well as a mock-up of new infobox layout. Tell us what you think about it!

Policy discussions

Currently, there are ongoing discussions at our forum regarding policies for:

Wikia news

  • Wikia is currently beta-testing an achievement feature on a few wikis, including the Red Dead Wiki. You can now get various badges for contributing to the wiki. The feature is likely to eventually be rolled out across all Wikia, including at The Vault. Check out the achievement leaderboard and tell us what you think!
  • While we have our own set of policies and guidelines, Wikia has created a universal set of community guidelines as well.
  • Followed Pages: Wikia built on the watchlist system to create the new followed pages. There is now a new public user box, showcasing your favorite pages, as well as a new Special:following. Now you also have the ability to follow blogs and categories, so you can better stay up-to-date with all the changes on your wiki. If you prefer the original watchlist, you can still access it at Special:Watchlist.
  • For other Wikia news, check out the Wikia Staff Blog, especially Sarah's Spring 2010 Update.
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