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The Vault news

Administrator news

After unanimous feedback from the community, another user has joined the ranks of administrators. Gothemasticator's main interest is removing erroneous trivia from articles. Thanks to him, you won't run into statements that super mutants are a reference to Gears of War and that the Plasma pistol is a reference to Halo that often.

Meanwhile, another administrator, Itachou, has marked himself as inactive on the list of administrators. Hopefully, the inactivity will only be temporary.

International news

Winterheart has also informed us that he has gotten a bot flag approval for his bot Agricola, which will be updating interwiki links between English, Polish and Russian versions of The Vault.

Jeremski has recently become the Polish Vault's second bureaucrat (in addition to myself). I wish him luck with the project, which is the largest version of Fallout Wiki after English.

And, just as a reminder, you are all welcome to help any of the many foreign language versions of our wiki, listed below. If you'd like to start one in a new language, please contact me about it.

Article creation improvements

As you might have noticed, a box now automatically appears above the edit window when creating a new article (also when doing so via a red link), where you can select a layout (e.g. for "Fallout 2 character" of "Fallout 3 item") via links. However, we decided to keep the special article creation pages as well, as I think they are more friendly to newcomers. Still, it will hopefully decrease the number of articles created without any preloaded layout.

Quest stage table

A new {{Quest stage table}} template has been added, for quest stages and journal entries in Fallout 3 (and in the future also in Fallout: New Vegas). People with GECK access are needed to help add it to quest pages.

Editor spotlight: Porter21

In the next few issues of the weekly digest we are going to feature some of our major contributors in recognition for their efforts to make The Vault the best Fallout resource available. Now it's turn for Porter21, one of The Vault's bureaucrats.

Porter21 is, just like myself, probably familiar to most regular visitors to our wiki. Even though he only joined The Vault in December 2008, he soon became one of its major contributors, and currently is the top editor in terms of number of edits. When he surpassed my edit count, I hesitated between banning him and making him a second bureaucrat, and eventually opted for the latter.

Porter21 is our resident template wizard, who designed most of our infoboxes, navboxes and other templates with syntax too complex for mere mortals to comprehend. He's also behind the look of our portals, including the Main Page. He also wrote down a set of policies and guidelines for The Vault that was long overdue and that came into effect recently. Out of the Fallout games, he has only played Fallout 3, and his non-technical contributions are mainly focused on this game. He runs the User:PorterBot, which helps with various automated tasks.

Aside from The Vault, he can often be found at the Central Wikia, giving feedback, reporting bugs and arguing with Wikia staff about them introducing untested features that weren't consulted with the community. He also occasionally contributes to Mass Effect Wiki and created the skin for Command & Conquer Wiki. Some of his templates created for The Vault are also used on various other wikis.

Sister wiki news

Dude101 has recently started posting Fallout 2 modding news at Vault-Tec Labs, our Fallout modding wiki (which also has an updated main page design based on The Vault's). If you are interested in posting interesting Fallout 3 mod news, you are also welcome to join!

Wikia news

The first version of a mobile phone skin for Wikia has been released. When browsing Wikia on your iPhone, Blackberry or other mobile device, you will automatically view it in a new, mobile-specific skin. Mobile viewers will no longer be served the usual Monaco skin, but instead one based on MediaWiki's Chick skin.

What is the weekly digest?

The weekly digest is a weekly summary of The Vault's internal news with the purpose to help editors keep up with what's going on at the wiki. It is the place to mention all the small things and improvements which do not justify an own news item and will be posted weekly on the main page. If you think that something should be added to the next digest, please list it here.

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