Bethesda Blog reports that the Fallout: New Vegas 1.01 patch, which fixes over 200 scripting and quest bugs, and which was previously released on the PC and 360, is now also available on the PS3 in Europe. No word so far on US release.

Meanwhile, unlike the version available in the rest of Europe, looks like at least the Eastern European edition released in Poland, Czech Republic and Russia by 1C/Cenega still hasn't been patched, even for users playing the English language version.

If you have any additional information please let us know about the availability of the patches in your area!

Meanwhile, there's also the first fan-made patch called d3d9 awesome perf fix, which improves performance on the PC available at New Vegas Nexus. It "tricks the game into configuring its FaceGen software (which was causing the problem) in a more efficient manner".

Another useful mod for users using high resolutions is MTUI, which adds smaller fonts, larger item selection areas, improved conversation menus, etc. to the game.

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