Tim Cain 2008

Tim Cain in 2008

Duck and Cover has a brand new interview with Tim Cain, the original mastermind behind Fallout. He talks about the original Fallout, Bethesda's Fallout 3, Interplay's Fallout Online and other topics. Here's an excerpt:

DAC: In a previous interview at Duck and Cover you mentioned that you wrote a design for your own version of Fallout 3. Any chance we could have a peek at that? :-)

Tim: Nope. Sorry. Maybe it will get made one day, but as long as I never show it anyone, I know it will never get made without me.

DAC: What are your thoughts and opinions on Fallout 3 and its various DLCs from Bethesda? Did you play/finish the game?

Tim: I played and finished Fallout 3 as soon as it came out. I really enjoyed the game, and I think Bethesda’s designers had really done their homework. The game showed they had a deep understanding and knowledge of the key aspects of the original games. I even replayed it a few times to see how I could have different experiences, and I had fun with that.

Of course, I would have done things differently if I had made it.

DAC: What was your initial reaction when you learned that Bethesda bought the license from Interplay?

Tim: I was surprised and a little disappointed. I was hoping that Troika would get the license, but we were massively outbid. But in the end, they made a good game, and I went to a great company to make MMOs, so all was well.

DAC: Interplay is back to life again with Chris Taylor heading up a Fallout MMO codenamed "Project V13." What are your thoughts on the possibility of an MMO in the Fallout universe?

Tim: The possibilities really are endless. I’ve hung out with Chris since he went to Interplay, but I don’t really know what he is planning. But I get to be a happy customer like all of you when it ships. Sometimes not knowing is a good thing, because then you get to feel the anticipation with everyone else!
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