Eurogamer has posted an article titled "What the FAQ?" by John Teti about various influential fan-made game guide projects like FAQs and wikis about video games. I'm proud to say that The Vault is among the sites featured in the article and I was asked to answer some questions about our beloved Fallout wiki. Here's a snippet:

In some cases, the mass collaboration gets so big that a single-author FAQ just won't cut it anymore. That's the case with The Vault - the Fallout wiki - which is one of the most impressive fan-created resources on the web. It catalogs every cranny of the Fallout mythology, but it's not an info dump like a lot of wikis. It feels curated because founder Pawel Dembowski, a 27-year-old student from Poland, has set the tone since he founded The Vault in 2005.


Eurogamer: Was the Duck and Cover project a wiki, as well?

Pawel Dembowski: It was a wiki from the beginning, although it goes back to the Fallout Bible, which was a guide to the Fallout lore by Chris Avellone, one of the Fallout 2, and now Fallout: New Vegas, designers.

The Fallout Bible was never finished because Avellone left Interplay. So the wiki's purpose was, to an extent, to continue the work. [And] also to document all Fallout lore in the hope that it would be helpful to Bethesda when creating Fallout 3.

Eurogamer: Do you think it was?

Pawel Dembowski: I know it was.

Eurogamer: They've told you as much?

Pawel Dembowski: Yes, and it's actually evident from some in-game content. One funny example is one of the terminals in the Citadel in Fallout 3, detailing the history of the Maxson family, the leaders of the Brotherhood of Steel. There are entries for Roger Maxson, the founder of BOS, his son Maxson II and his grandson John Maxson.

The thing is, Maxson II was what I called the guy in The Vault because there was no canonical first name given for him anywhere in the games. Instead of giving him an actual name, the devs simply copied the name of the article - "Maxson II" - assuming that it's canon.

Read the rest of it here!

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