The Vault community conference - Tuesday, October 12

Ausir October 12, 2010 User blog:Ausir

Tomorrow (or today, for some of you), on Tuesday, October 12, join us in our IRC channel for our first community conference (which will hopefully become a regular event)! We will discuss various issues regarding preparing The Vault for for Fallout: New Vegas premiere, as well and the new Wikia skin.

The conference will start on 20 UTC/21 BST/4 PM EDT/1 PM PDT. Of course, you're free to join our channel at any other time as well!

Accessing the channelEdit

If you have an IRC clientEdit

  • Start your IRC client
  • Connect to on port 6667 and join the channel #wikia-fallout

If you do not have an IRC clientEdit

Be sure you are joining the #wikia-fallout channel!

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