Now that our add-on pack giveaway is concluded, time for The Vault's another weekly giveaway contest! This time it's not strictly Fallout-related, as we have three copies of the acclaimed post-nuclear tactical board game Neuroshima Hex! for you, courtesy of Z-Man Games.

Fun fact: aside from the post-apocalyptic theme and the armies being similar to some of the Fallout factions (e.g. Moloch/Calculator, Outpost/Brotherhood of Steel, Borgo/Master's Army and Hegemony/Raiders), there is also another small Fallout connection - at least one of the Fallout developers, Scott Everts, is a fan of the game and created reference cards for its armies that are included in Z-Man's American edition.

Contest rules

Unfortunately, the contest is open only to residents of North America. Hopefully, we'll also have some future giveaways for our users from other countries in the future as well! You must also be a registered Wikia user with your e-mail address entered in your profile.

To enter the contest, you need to either upload and add at least one image to a Vault article that was previously missing an image or has an image of bad quality, or add a missing article related to Fallout: New Vegas or one of the earlier games. For a list of articles in need of images, see here, and for ones in need of better images, go here. You can find a list of some of the missing articles here. This includes, of course, many newly added Fallout: New Vegas articles, so keep making good screenshots and adding them to the wiki!

If you fulfill the above conditions, simply write a comment under this blog post (only one comment per user is allowed), and we will draw the lucky winners on Wednesday, November 10.

Image guidelines

Please remember to categorize the files you upload by inserting [[Category:]] with the name of an appropriate category in the "Summary" box. For a list of available categories please see Category:Images by type and its subcategories. For example, images of Fallout: New Vegas characters should be in [[Category:Fallout: New Vegas character images] etc.

Also, according to our image policy:

  • Images should be of good quality.
  • Images should never include parts of the UI (HUD, crosshair) unless the point of the given image is to illustrate the UI itself.
  • Images should have a descriptive name.

After you add an image to a page, don't forget to remove the {{image}} tag!

New article guidelines

When adding new articles, please remember to use our handy preload templates, which will preload the necessary templates and categories. This way, improving new articles up to The Vault's standards requires a lot less work from admins and other users!