Some time ago, TheGamersHub asked fans to give them questions for a Q&A with Fallout: New Vegas developers. Now these questions have been answered (including ones that we've had answers to for a long time already). Here are some bits:

Q.) Will New Vegas be friendlier to play in 3rd person view than Fallout 3? Some found it difficult to maneuver.

We did tweak the camera and some animations to make it a little easier to play in third-person. Since we added special moves to Melee and Unarmed combat, which are unlocked as you increase your skill in either category, you’ll be able to do things like line up devastating attacks with the Ballistic Fist – my favorite Unarmed weapon which is essentially a sawed-off shotgun gauntlet.

Q.) If you have a Fallout 3 save on your hard drive, will there be any connection?

No, there is no benefit in having a Fallout 3 save present when playing New Vegas.

Q.) It is given that since it’s an open world game type, there will be lots to find as far as easter eggs in Fallout NV correct? Any hints to any of the easter eggs?

There are certainly going to be some hidden collectible items and interesting, hidden locations to find.

Pro Tip: You can find one of them near your burial site in Goodsprings. There are some locations that are going to be kind of hard to find – there’s an underwater cave and a cavernous jungle of sorts. Lastly, if you take the Wild Wasteland trait, you’ll come across little Easter Eggs..
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