GamesRadar has posted a fragment of the OXM US article about Fallout: New Vegas, along with three new images.

Obsidian’s Larry Liberty tells us that one of Bethesda’s greatest strengths – as evidenced by Oblvion and Fallout 3 – is the immersive feeling you get when you can look in any direction and see something interesting that compels you to think, “I want to go there!” The studio is hard at work trying to elicit the same response in Fallout: New Vegas. “We want the landscape to tell a story,” he says. Here are some of the sites a tour through the game’s wasteland. These are the new Megatons and Rivet Cities, the sorts of locations you’ll want to explore every inch of as soon as you discover them.

Dinky the Dinosaur

If Dinky reminds you of The Wizard – a.k.a. the thinly veiled 90-minute Supre Mario Bros. 3 ad starring Fred Savage – then you probably grew up in the ‘80s, too. But yes, to answer your question: you can climb up into its mouth!

Black Mountain Radio Tower

At the center of the New Vegas desert sprawl is Black Mountain, aptly named for its scorched ground. It was hit more directly by a nuclear blast than other areas (such as The Strip), so it’s populated almost exclusively by the Geiger Counter-lovin’ Super Mutants.

The Strip

You might not see a beam of light shooting skyward from the tip of a pyramid, but the main hub of New Vegas will still be hard to miss from wherever you are.

Helios One

Head up to the top of this innocent-looking solar-power plant to reactivate Archimedes II, a secret laser weapon you can use to vaporize the mutated inhabitants standing in your way below.