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Chris Taylor (lead designer) and Serg Souleiman (lead concept artist) of Interplay's Project V13 (which everyone knows is Fallout Online but legal issues don't allow the devs to state the obvious) have commented on the concept art that has recently been posted in the Interplay forum.

Serg.S about his concept art in general:

Thanks you all the comments and feedback.
I enjoyed reading all of them and just wanted to clarify that everything that I been posting is very early exploratory work for the project.

Chris Taylor about individual pictures:

"Survivor" (asked whether it's a plasma gun)

The gun is undefined. Doesn't look like a plasma gun to me. Maybe it's chemical sprayer or something. This piece of art isn't part of the weapon/armor conceptualizing stage. Just part of a series looking at characters in general.
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One of the themes we will be dealing with is regrowth and rebuilding. After X amount of time (notice that sly dodge about the timeline), there is bound to be some amount of rebirth. We've had some long (LONG) discussions about how much of that we want to present, how much is natural and how much is man-made.

About the color palette not looking Fallouty enough:

Appreciate the feedback. One thing to keep in mind is that with Fallout 1 & 2, we were limited technically by our engine as to what we could display. Looking back almost everyone on the team thought that our palette choices were a little too limited. For V13, we're trying to have a little more differentiation between areas. That means using more colors than just shades of brown... ^_^

About the color of the sky:

Project V13 concept art 2


Project V13 concept art


The sky color in FO1 was only seen in a few cutscenes. We never really discussed the color of the sky, as the color of the ground was far more important thanks to our choice of camera angle in the engine. In fact, I cannot recall a single conversation regarding the sky color in FO1. The artists probably did, but it never came up in team meetings or amongst the designers.

Damnation Alley is a source that we used for inspiration for the original game.

We want each of the areas to feel a little more unique, and color palettes are a part of that uniqueness. We definitely don't want people seeing one palette the entire game. Major dullsville. Color is also used to impart emotions, and it's a tool that we'll be selectively using.

The skybox hasn't been decided on. We might have a common skybox for all areas, or specific skyboxes for each location, or smaller number of shared skyboxes.

We have a wall in the office covered with environment concept art; laid out in a similar manner as to the actual map of the game. When you look at the whole thing at once it's pretty cool.

Appreciate the discussion so far; thanks!

There will be more art coming after the weekend.

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