Pitchford: Fallout 3 would have been better without dialouge trees

Ausir October 10, 2009 User blog:Ausir

Randy Pitchford, the boss of Gearbox Software, has been interviewed by OXM. Among other things, talks about the differences between his Borderlands and Fallout 3 and what he sees as flaws of Bethesda's game:

"I understand why we do those games [like Fallout 3] but I don't know - do we want that? I think that game could have been much better if it didn't have a single dialogue tree. Honestly. And if it was more action-orientated, and if the shooting was better."
Accordingly, Borderlands is a much more action-packed take on the wandering-the-wasteland concept. Pitchford knows that's putting his money where his mouth is: "Maybe we're right. We'll see. We'll find out when we decide what people are gonna buy."

While some dialogue in Fallout 3 could sure use improvement, I certainly wouldn't consider getting rid of dialogue trees much of an improvement.

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