As reported by CVG, the official PlayStation 3 Magazine, which officially goes on sale on Thursday, loves the dialogue and characters in Obsidian's Fallout: New Vegas:

In an exclusive first look at Fallout New Vegas, CVG sister mag PSM3 reveals that developer Obsidian has taken dialogue and scripting up a notch in the sequel to Fallout 3.

lead producer of Fallout New Vegas, Larry Liberty said: "We had to modify the dialogue engine from Fallout 3 to include the types of dialogue and options that we wanted.

"We want real, memorable characters. I think it helps you to remember parts of the world you'd otherwise forget."

As part of its world-exclusive cover feature, PSM3 played an extensive demo of New Vegas. The mag reported that it was 'apparent that Obsidian are much more comfortable behind the keyboard than the team that made Fallout 3 and, before that, Oblivion. The scripting is wittier, the characters more distinct.'

Sounds good, especially the part about the new dialogue engine! If any of you has already received the magazine as a subscriber, let us know if there are any more interesting details there.

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