Bethesda blog has a new (and probably final post by Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide author David Hodgson, this time about Fallout: New Vegas collectibles.

There are other types of items to keep an eye out for, too. These include Snow globes, fancy baubles worth more than their weight in Caps. And with far fewer Skill Books to hunt down, it’ll be vital to know where each of them can be found. Then there’s all the game’s Skill Magazines, which give you a much larger, albeit temporary boost in a particular ability — whether it’s Critical Chance or Survival. And your exploration wouldn’t be complete without picking up a Nuka-Cola Victory, Mini nuke, or Schematic; all unique items numbered and listed both in the extensive tour, and appendices of the guide. There’s a separate appendix just for unique weapons too, so you can discover how and where to find both the fabled That Gun, or This Machine, along with 40 other armaments.

There's also a post there about Fallout: New Vegas launch day stories.

Bethesda has also released Six New Vegas wallpapers.

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