OXM UK preview of Fallout: New Vegas has been criticized, among other things, by Fallout fans for calling Fallout 3 "the original game" or "the first Fallout", and neglecting to acknowledge the game's ties to previous Fallout games. At Duck and Cover, OXM's John Hicks responds to the criticism... sort of:

[On] the subject of the “absolute travesty,” we’re well aware of the previous appearance of those factions in the original Fallout PC games. That information was originally included in the panel referring to Obsidian’s heritage, but was cut for reasons of space - and because it won’t be of interest to the majority of Xbox gamers who were introduced to the series by Fallout 3.

Funny that they cut it "for reasons of space", yet wasted space on actually reassuring their readers that there won't be any ties to Fallout and Fallout 2, even though the ties (like the appearance of the New California Republic) are evident to anyone who played them.

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