OXM Online has posted the whole Fallout: New Vegas preview that was previously featured in the OXM US magazine, for the pleasure of those of you who didn't read the print version yet. Here's a snippet:

Goodsprings’ people are just as pleasant. The Prospector Saloon — cheekily located next to Chet’s general store (booze it up, then head one door down for your hangover cure!) — is home to the affable Sunny Smiles and her dog, Cheyenne. The grizzled, middle-aged Easy Pete, meanwhile, sits quietly on the general-store porch with a grin that hints at the many stories he has up his sleeves. But introductory chats with any of the folks around town reveal something’s amiss — a conflict’s brewing, and it’s one you’ll quickly find yourself sucked into. After chatting up the locals, you trigger the “Ghost Town Firefight” quest. And with a name like that, guess what you’ll be doing? It seems the Powder Gangers — a band of outlaws who’ve stolen the town’s powder kegs — are set to attack Goodsprings and loot it, and now you’re tasked with recruiting as many of the townsfolk as possible to defend it. Or you could partner up with the Powder Gangers instead and burn the whole damn place to the ground. Your call.
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