Bethesda Blog has posted the first in a series of blog posts by David Hodgson about the making of the Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide, which is to be published by Prima Games, along with two new screenshots.

But Training still isn’t over; there’s information on Damage Threshold (a new way the game calculates strikes on armor), weapon types, and a tutorial on modified your weapons. There’s a deluge of information on scavenging, plant life in the Mojave, and most importantly, Crafting. Whether you’re cooking up a juicy Gecko Steak, or skinning the Gecko’s hide to tan and sell, you’ll need to know how to use a Campfire, Reloading Bench, and Workbench effectively, what Skills are needed, and just how many ammunition types you can modify to pierce armor. Now, this wouldn’t be a guide on New Vegas without a mention of gambling. Fortunately, this is much more than a mention; there’s effective ways to win at Blackjack, and more importantly, a crash-course in the game of Caravan, which includes sample decks created after months of playtesting. Note these decks work both in-game, and in real-life Caravan games, too! Oh, and we also break down the rules of Lucky Horseshoe, in which you challenge a robot cowboy with a wandering eye to a game similar to Blackjack, but with one important difference: You usually lose.