IGN has posted an article with more information about the All Roads graphic novel that will come with the collector's edition of Fallout: New Vegas. You can also now see the full cover of the comic by Geof Darrow and Peter Doherty.

Avellone described the project to us, saying "'All Roads' showcases all the events that take place a week before Fallout: New Vegas begins through the perspectives of two characters hunting the player. We've structured this from a narrative standpoint and also from an artistic standpoint by having each perspective illustrated by a different artist (Wellinton Alves, Jean Diaz) and by using different color schemes.

"The title showcases the cast, locations in the game (including New Vegas), and provides more backstory on some of the major characters in the game. It leads right up to the opening movie of the game, and provides context for the initial set-up and the motivations for some of the major adversaries in the game."


"We decided not use the Courier in the book. We want the players to determine how their character looks, acts, and reacts so in the book we focused on the player's adversaries and the folks who want you dead."


"Dark humor's a big part of the franchise, and it's driven home by the post-apocalyptic environment the players are in. We've taken that into consideration with the book (and into the cover as well). That said, the motivations and destruction of history that plagues the characters in the title and how they've resolved them in the world is a serious one, and it's the thematic spine of the book. How they've come to terms with the loss of their identity is reflected in the art and in the struggle in the book as well."


"If you read the graphic novel, you'll see the results of many of the events, locations, and fates of the characters in the comic in primary and secondary locations in the game - as well as characters you'll encounter in these locations. You'll have a glimpse of their motivations and struggles before you meet them, and it'll give larger context to their actions and how to deal with them. If you're careful in your exploration, you'll even find some items they left behind as well - whether the characters are alive or dead."
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