Here's two more Fallout: New Vegas previews.

The first one is from MTV Multiplayer, discussing mostly the combat:

The most prominent fix during our hands-off demo was the ability to bring up a weapon's iron sights. In practice, it both steadied the weapon and increased accuracy. But more importantly, it allowed for the action to continue without engaging the VATS targeting system (which was how I handled nearly 99% of combat in "Fallout 3").


I noticed that kill cams have also changed a bit. Players now have the option to toggle how they see their deathblows on screen. Any kill can be rendered in the VATS-style killcam or trigger a brief slow-mo to let the moment sink in. Personally, I really liked the brief slow-mo because it was a bit of a visual cue to start slinging bullets at the next enemy.

And the second one is from Eurogamer:

Our final excursion is to Helios 1, a Poseidon Energy power station occupied by the NCR. Reputation with that bloated, bureaucratic faction grants you access to the station's inner sanctum, where a surfer dude posing as a scientist, calling himself Fantastic, runs the plant at 1 per cent efficiency. Get past the pre-war security system and you could re-route the power anywhere you like: to McCarran to benefit the NCR, to Fremont to help out the local poor, evenly across the whole region... or to the plant's dormant defence system, an insanely powerful orbital laser. You can then command it at will anywhere in the environment: your own, private apocalypse. Avellone uses it to turn on his NCR allies and decimate their troops. In doing so, he demonstrates Obsidian's gleeful embrace of the player freedom and destructive abandon that were the hallmarks of Bethesda's already legendary revival of Fallout. But there's also a richness, a texture here that really harks back to the original Interplay games - not surprising really, given Obsidian's own Interplay heritage.
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