Here's a collection of more small Fallout: New Vegas tidbits:

Here's what Chris Avellone said in the Bethesda forum:

Question: @ChrisAvellone Will the pre-order bonus items help you throughout New Vegas, or just early on? (pre-ordered FNV yesterday) 8^D

Answer: It's an early on push, but the gear is unique, which I think is awesome, especially for the V13 pack.

And 2 questions tied to it, feel free to move elsewhere.

Question: P.S. Are there different scopes for weapon mods? Eg: one scope has a more powerful zoom than another.

Answer: (Thanks to JE "Scope Master" Sawyer for confirmation) Yes, different scopes have different zooms.

Question: Are there any references to you or any other devs in New Vegas?

Answer: No, and we made sure that we did do inside jokes and references like this in FNV - any ones we found we asked to be stripped out.

And a few tweets by J.E. Sawyer:

how many game end states must a man (or woman) script before he (or she) can be called a fallout designer?J.E. Sawyer, Twitter
god dammit why did i write all this shitJ.E. Sawyer, Twitter

And by Chris Avellone:

is in New Vegas companion heaven.Chris Avellone, Twitter
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