Here are some recent Fallout Online forum posts by Chris Taylor.

On system requirements:

It's too early to discuss specifics. We have some requirements in mind, but things can change.

Our goal isn't to require bleeding edge hardware. We'll require something more than chiseled rocks, and something less than what the NSA ordered last month.

Somehow, I don't think that was a very helpful post. Hopefully, it was moderately entertaining.

On not revealing more info about the game yet:


I've sat here for 10 minutes trying to write a nice, reasonable plea for patience but everything is coming out blah.

OP makes some good points. The first reason is a good one. We're still tweaking systems and until all systems are in and functioning, the likelihood of change is high. We do not want to over-promise and under-deliver. We don't like saying one thing and then turning around having having to say "whoops, sorry!" I mean we're good at our jobs, but we're not perfect and virtually every single system we work on will be tweaked to some degree or another.

Oh, and *beep* marketing. (*beep* could be "f-them" or it could be huggles. It really depends on my mood.)

But the point is understood.


While the SPECIAL system will be used, it is not a straight port from FO1/FO2. There are changes being made...
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