Mothership Zeta Alien Robotics

MTV Multiplayer asked Bethesda's Jeff Gardiner about the upcoming Mothership Zeta Fallout 3 add-on. Here's what he said about new weapons:

Mothership Zeta is full of the most high tech weaponry in the game. It includes a Shock baton for melee fighters, multiple new firearms including an Alien atomizer, a pistol, and the Alien disintegrator, a new rifle. There's also a new grenade type, a Cryo grenade, which freezes enemies for a short period of time. On top of that there are new unique weapons, and a new heavy weapon.

He also talks about a new quest perk, Xenotech Expert, which will increase damage dealt with all alien weapons, as well as about an object found on the mothership called "Alien epoxy", which will automatically repair any item by 25% without the need for a duplicate. It will also be possible to return to the ship once you've finished the add-on's main quest line.

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