J.E. Sawyer has posted two more tweets concerned with Fallout: New Vegas development:

This probably refers to deleting obsolete stuff from Fallout 3 that is not used in New Vegas.

did i just corrupt the .esm three days before going on a two week vacation? maybe. no big deal. wanna fight about it?

.esm is the file format used for the G.E.C.K master files. Fortunately, the GECK used by developers, unlike the one that was released to the public, comes with version control tools.

There's also this one:

♫ Blue moon / You saw me standing alone / Without a dream in my heart / Without a love of my own ♫

Maybe Blue Moon will be the New Vegas intro and/or trailer song?

Update: turns out Josh actually didn't corrupt the .esm after all:

btw everyone i didn't actually corrupt our .esm, just my local .esp. it requires a lot more effort to mess up the .esm.
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