Interplay and Masthead are hiring

Ausir December 1, 2009 User blog:Ausir

Although Interplay might seem doomed to lose the Bethesda v. Interplay lawsuit, they continue work on Project V13, which might be turned into a new title if the company loses the rights to a Fallout MMO. They are currently hiring for three positions:

On the Technical Director page, it is additionally stated:

Interplay's development team is located in Irvine, Orange County, CA with an important sub-contractor in Bulgaria. Applicant must be available to travel to Europe as necessary.

The sub-contractor is Earthrise developer Masthead Studios, which is currently also hiring for the team developing both the game and the engine, which is being used in Project V13 as well. The company is looking for programmers and game designers.

I don't know about Masthead, but I wouldn't be too keen on working for Interplay - the company under Herve Caen has a history of not paying its employees.

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