While the add-on is already out on the Xbox 360, Bethesda has released the fifth and final preview of Gun Runners' Arsenal content written by J.E. Sawyer on their blog. Here's a snippet:

Embrace of the Mantis King! (GRA), Two-Step Goodbye - Some of the most incredible unique Unarmed weapons we’ve seen come through our shop, and we’re not just saying that because we want you to spend thousands of caps on them. Embrace of the Mantis King! (above, and the exclamation point is required by contract) is a huge, mutated Mantis Gauntlet. Did someone come across a Mantis King, kill it, and make this? Did someone raise a Mantis into a Mantis King specifically to make this? It’s a mystery for the ages. All we know is that it’s awesome and a little gross.
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