The Spanish-language website Grupo97 has interviewed Josh E. Sawyer, lead designer of the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas, as well as the canceled Fallout 3 codenamed Van Buren. While he was not able to discuss New Vegas yet, he does briefly mention Van Buren:

Project Van Buren was originally aimed to be the next Fallout third installment, leaving apart Tactics and Brotherhood of Steel. A brief glimpse of the tech demo showed it quite similar to previous titles and frankly did rise many fans hopes. You worked for that project. Could you give us any clue about why was it cancelled?
Interplay simply didn't have the money to keep Black Isle together for the time it would have taken to make the project.
Would you have enjoyed Fallout following the targets aimed with Van Buren?
I would have. I think that Fallout fans would have enjoyed it as well, but you never know for sure until a game's out.
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