FNV screenshot NCR vs Mutant

Here's some new info from the Fallout: New Vegas preview in the new issue of Game Informer, as posted at Bethesda forum:

  • 13 new unreleased screenshots.
  • Includes first shots of the Strip and first look at Caesar's Legion Soldiers
  • 6 new sets of outfits
  • A man named Craig Boone who's wife was kidnapped can be a follower.
  • Blackjack, Slot Machines, Poker and Roulette are some of the games you can play. (The luck skill plays a big part in how good you are at gambling.)
  • 3 different types of currency. Caps, NCR dollars, Legion money (it also states CL uses coins as well, for what I'm not sure but probably at the casinos.) You will get better deals depending what kind of currency is used in different parts. (There is also an exchange rate between the three)
  • C4 explosives that include a detonator (You can also reverse pickpocket C4), Machetes, Razors, a gun that looks similar to a SMG and... Boxing gloves?!
  • Vault 21 - a vault where all conflicts were decided through gambling.
  • New reload animations that reflect exactly how many bullets you are putting in your gun.
  • Companions have side quests
  • He also mentioned that combat outside of VATS is rather enjoyable due to the new iron sight
  • There isn't much that looks like New Reno, a screenshot of a casino that looks like a nice 1950s casino - plain walls, bright rom with no wear
  • Other screenshots show off colorful lighted buildings like the Lucky 38 and Vault 21, which is also a casino
  • Each casino will play blackjack a little differently, as far as numbers and cards goes
  • TV Robot police run and keep New Vegas, controlled by a character called Mr. House, inspired by Howard Hughes that lives in the Lucky 38. No one in the game has seen the inside of the Lucky 38, and no one has seen the mysterious man himself. He apparently plays a role in why Vegas wasn't bombed in the Great War, which you will learn more about as you play through.
  • Mobsters and mafia families are not running the Strip or any of the casinos.
  • Every Casino, every place in Vegas will have its own kind of personality and there is a rat pack era place in New Vegas called The Tops with Frank Sinatra tunes etc.

If you have the magazine and have seen any more interesting info there, please let us know!

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