GamePro interviews Jeff Gardiner

Ausir July 14, 2009 User blog:Ausir
Mothership Zeta Alien Robotics

GamePro has abducted Mothership Zeta producer Jeff Gardiner to ask him some questions about the upcoming add-on.

Travis: Tell more about the aliens themselves. What are they like, what are they called, why are they "pissed"?
Jeff Gardiner: The aliens are the same type that people claim are currently abducting people around the globe, small grayish-green with long appendages and big heads with huge eyes. They are studying humanity to see if we're a threat, they have no proper name.
Travis: Will there be different types of aliens, such as Face Huggers and full-grown entities?
Jeff Gardiner: Yes there are different versions of the standard alien, an alien robot and another creature I can't spoil just yet.
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