Fallout tidbits
Fallout tidbits
The Fallout tidbits are a summary of various minor articles and newsbits concerning Fallout games.
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Here's another roundup of minor Fallout-related tidbits (mostly related, of course, to the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas). If you have more, please post them here in the comments rather than in separate newsposts - they'll be included in the next tidbits post.

The Nexus Network has launched New Vegas Nexus, the Fallout: New Vegas counterpart to their great modding site, Fallout 3 Nexus.

Talking About Games interviews Pete Hines in their podcast.

USA Today has an article about "Five Things You Didn't Know About Fallout: New Vegas". If you've been following The Vault's news, chances are you know all of it already.

While no reviews have been officially released yet (aside from the questionable one mentioned above), some of the reviewers have posted snippets in tweets and forums.

Andrew Reiner (Game Informer executive director):

Starting up a third playthrough of New Vegas.

Sorry gang, I can't comment on the game until Tuesday. All my playthroughs will make sense once you read the review.

@ZacharyLevi Killed you in Fallout: New Vegas. Thanks for the experience points!

I can say that I was able to play NV to completion without being stopped by bugs.

(about the review) @ShawnScot it'll be Tues or Wed.

Daniel Vavra (screenwriter on Mafia I & II):

Hated the story and quests of Fallout 3. Love the story and quests of New Vegas.

Jim Sterling (review editor for Destructoid):

First Jimpressions of New Vegas: As far as I am concerned, Alpha Protocol never happened now. Slate's clean.

Played New Vegas for two days and have only officially completed two quests. Fucking hell!

I in no way mean to imply that that's a BAD thing, either.

New Vegas has officially overwhelmed me. I have so many quests going on and don't know where to start. This is terrifying and awesome.

Tom Chick on Quarter to Three:

How do you know I'm playing? :)

I'm not sure I could even begin to give a thumbs up or thumbs down yet. I can certainly say this is a huge game. I'm about 25 hours in and still pretty overwhelmed by the breadth of stuff to do. It's very Fallout 3.

I will say it's got some really disappointing tech and balance issues. The Xbox 360 version has locked up on me several times and I've heard the same from a colleague who's also playing. In addition, there seems to be some sort of memory leak. I was about ready to just throw in the towel, convinced that the geometry and effects in the actual New Vegas area were too much for the engine. But I cleared the memory cache (not sure if that actually does anything) and restarted my 360, and that made a world of difference. Now I'm making a point to quit out every few hours.

And although I love the hardcore mode in theory, in practice it hasn't been the least bit challenging. Thanks in part to Fallout's lack of a real economy, the hardcore mode just feels like an extra layer of futzing. It's more flavor than difficulty, I'd say.

I'll be doing a game diary series on Fidgit next week and a full review for Gameroni, Jason's site, when I'm done.


To which J.E. Sawyer has replied in the Obsidian forum:

BTW, yes, clearing your Xbox 360 memory cache really does do something!

We did find some legacy memory leak issues but I believe we fixed them.

However, memory fragmentation will inevitably occur in this engine, which is why clearing a 360's cache can *~ automagically ~* make Oblivion/F3/F:NV go from unstable to stable in some circumstances.

Attack of the Fanboy has published the first Fallout: New Vegas "review", giving it 3 out of 5. However, it is not certain whether the reviewer actually played the game, as it has no new info and only previously released official screenshots, and given that the official review embargo will only be lifted tomorrow.

The graphics in New Vegas don't seem to be much of an overhaul for a game that is now a couple years old, it would have been nice to see improvements made to better the franchise for the fans. Don't get me wrong, New Vegas looks amazing at times. New Vegas itself is actually pretty interesting, colorful, and distinguishes itself in a stark contrast to the rest of the game. But, everything else looks pretty much the same. It is almost as if the developers just used the assets from Fallout 3 made a few new areas to turn the capital wasteland into the Mojave wasteland and called it a game.

In addition to the graphics feeling a bit dated, Fallout New Vegas' story just never hit home with me the way that Fallout 3's did. Maybe it was the fact that Fallout 3 was my first title in the series to have ever played so I didn't really know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. This one not so much.

Producer Tess Treadwell about the project:

The Obsidian crew and our comrades at Bethesda have spent almost two long, hard years on this project. Tomorrow at midnight, Fallout: New Vegas will be (officially) out in the wild. For anyone interested, a bunch of us are going to be signing copies at the GameStop in the Irvine Spectrum. Anyway, I think I speak for all of us when I say we’re a bit nervous, but the review scores we’ve received so far are stellar. And to be honest - in the end, nothing the critics or consumers can say will take away from all the love and care and hard work we’ve all put into this game.

Additionally, just before the premiere, Fallout: New Vegas is #2 on Steam's top seller list.

Also, you can look up Gamestop stores with midnight launch events for New Vegas.

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