Welcome to another list of links to various articles and minor newsbits all over the web concerning Fallout games. If you want to propose a link to be included in the next tidbit post, simply post it in a comment under this one.

Fallout: New Vegas lead designer J.E. Sawyer has posted on his twitter that he has "just watched a pretty sweet teaser trailer. owns." Could it mean that New Vegas trailer is coming soon?

Fallout 3 add-ons got the Inside Gaming Award for "Best DLC". Broken Steel also got the IGN Award for "Best PC Expansion".

Microsoft has launched its Games for Windows Live Games on Demand digital distribution store, where Fallout 3 can now be purchased for $49.99 / £34.99.

While not directly related to Fallout, it has been announced that Bethesda Softworks will publish id Software's post-apocalyptic shooter Rage, which was previously going to be released by Electronic Arts.

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