Fallout tidbits
Fallout tidbits
The Fallout tidbits are a summary of various minor articles and newsbits concerning Fallout games.
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Destructoid has a short preview of Fallout: New Vegas:

One thing I really like about New Vegas is the subtle aesthetic changes. While Fallout 3 went with a grey/green style, New Vegas is very brown and orange. I know that "brown" games are looked down upon this generation, but it's beautiful in a bleak way with New Vegas, and the orange hues make it look a lot more like the original Fallout games than Fallout 3 did. With Obsidian's last game being the unfinished Alpha Protocol, I was a little worried about quality, but already New Vegas looks more polished, more tight, and more complete than Alpha Protocol ever did. With gameplay in place, it'll come down to the writing to really set this game apart. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the dialog is witty and the story is fun. Can't wait to find out!

As does Planet Fallout:

Enemies you encounter throughout New Vegas were refreshingly varied from one another. When I came across a fortified room full of convicts, each one had a different weapon and fighting styles. With only a limited number of action points, I had to make a tactical decision of whether I should take out the sub-machine gunner who popped up from behind his cover, the guy shooting incendiary grenades, or the accurate marksman in the back of the room. I found myself switching back and forth between different weapon types in the middle of fighting in order to deal with the variety of situations in a single shootout more than I did in Fallout 3.

Xbox Home:

Another improvement that the creators are proud to reveal is the modification system for weapons. In the last game you could make a few special weapons, but beyond that you needed a higher skill or simply maintain the weapon to make it work to its full potential. Now it sounds like there is now ways to make weapons better through technology. Given the setting this seems like a natural step that should have happened a long time ago. Currently, the story for Fallout New Vegas is under wraps. However, the developers do promise that it will not only expand on the lore of the universe presented in the first two games, but Vegas hides many secrets still undiscovered.


While the game does not take place in D.C., the landscape of the wasteland isn’t too different than that of Fallout 3’s. You’ll still encounter plenty of run-down buildings, rocky terrain, hills, and beat-up and abandoned machinery. One noticeable difference regarding the surroundings are the colors of the environments. Whereas Washington D.C. featured more grey tones, Obsidian Entertainment has seemed to opt for a more western-themed brown color palette. The atmosphere seems to have a more desert Wild West feel to it; however, that is not to say that you should expect to see John Wayne strolling through on a horse anytime soon. Fallout: New Vegas is still chalk full of all the bandits and mutated monsters you love to kill so much. Because East Coast wildlife and West Coast wildlife differ, you’ll find different creatures in New Vegas. During our hands-on with the game, we encountered new bug and lizard-like mutants not previously seen in Bethesda’s previous game.

In Poland, the Tribal Pack pre-order bonus is available with, while the Classic Pack and a Vault Boy figurine are the bonuses if you preorder with the game's Polish distributor, Cenega, Caravan Pack can be purchased with Steam and Mercenary Pack with Ultima. It appears that the game's collector's edition will probably not be available in Poland, unfortunately.

Bethesda expands to Benelux.

Bethesda Softworks, a ZeniMax Media company, today announced the continued expansion of its global operations, opening a Benelux office in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Bethesda Softworks, headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, currently has international offices located in London, Tokyo, Paris, and Frankfurt.

GamesTM includes Fallout 3 on its "100 greatest games" list.

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