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Game Informer has compiled a list of top 200 games of all time. Fallout 3 is #65 and the original Fallout is #117. You can find the full list here. Game Informer itself has a bunch of blog posts about the list and selection process.

With our 200th issue, we decided to look back at the history of gaming. Since we’re gluttons for punishment (and meetings), we compiled a list of the Top 200 games of all time. As you can imagine, it’s generated its share of discussions and controversy. Several of our editors have made blog posts that are at least peripherally related to the list, and we thought it would be fun to compile these into one central hub.

IGN concluded that Fallout 3 is the third best Xbox 360 game of all time (the list is probably a bit premature, though):

Charles Onyett: The original Fallout is on my short list of favorite role-playing games of all time, right next to Baldur's Gate II and Planescape: Torment. When I heard Bethesda was making the third title in the series and that it would be shifted away from the turn-based style of gameplay the series was known for, I wasn't quite sure what to think. Then I saw the game, and all my concern melted away. Bethesda was able to draw from its extensive experience with creating open-world role-playing game in the past and successfully fuse the Fallout fiction and personality to a new kind of hybrid real-time/turn-based combat system. Targeted shots were still there, but now it felt more interactive. The game lost some of its tactical depth, but it compensated with an overwhelming amount of content and an overall ease of playability. It had humor, it established an unmistakable tone, and it had a satisfying range of character builds and ways to play. Plus, it let me sit on a balcony with a bunch of fancy people while I nuked a town filled with silly, gullible mendicants. Erik Brudvig: It's quite common to get burnt out on writing about a game. There's only so many ways you can write about the same thing before you feel completely tapped. Well, I've been writing about Fallout 3 for well over a year now. First it was multiple previews. Then it was a review and a year's worth of downloadable expansions. And you know what? I'm still not tapped. This game rocks. The open, depressingly dreary world is crafted by masters. This is a true role-playing experience filled with fantastic stories and characters. How will you survive after the bomb drops?

Destructoid has an editorial about being evil in games: The wrong thing: How low can you go?. Fallout 3 is used as one of the examples.

Nowadays, if you want to shoot that hostage, the game will step aside and simply say “Go Right Ahead! You’ll just be awarded negative karma/dark side points/etc.” Which is fine and dandy, but it still raises a question in my mind: what happens when you get all the points you could possibly get? What if, let’s say in Fallout 3, merely completing the evil-themed side quests just wasn’t enough?

Bitmob has a list of best and worst glitches in Fallout 3:

Raining Deathclaws had to be my favorite glitch. I was fighting a group of Deathclaws when I was very low on health, and they somehow launched a few hundred feet in the air and came crashing down to their death. I experienced this a few more times with individual enemies, but it never quite raised the bar on the hilarity from the first time.

Fallout 3 also won the Game of the Year title in the German MTV Game Awards.

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