Fallout tidbits
Fallout tidbits
The Fallout tidbits are a summary of various minor articles and newsbits concerning Fallout games.
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GamesRadar has posted online the Fallout: New Vegas preview from the Xbox World 360 UK that we have already posted about.

Is that a cactus? Like, a real, living cactus? In a Fallout game? That was the first thought racing through our minds as we breathed in a virtual lungful of fresh air in New Vegas. And that sky… there’s something odd about it. Oh, yeah: it’s brilliant blue, and not murky, East coast grey. Fallout, you’ve changed.

I guess this also doesn't look like a Fallout game to you? (Picture courtesy of Lexx).

Game Central has an interview with Inon Zur, who composed music for Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

GC: So when you’re composing music, how much do you take into account that your music will be heard in a video game?

Inon: Pretty much 100%. And basically with video games, the whole media is what determines exactly how the music is going to be heard, how the music is going to be played, and how the music is going to be received. You have got to understand that when you compose music for video games there are way more components to it than just the pure music.

Of course, we would like the music to be as good as it can get, basically. But this has to do a lot with what the video game needs. And if the video game needs just one hit of the drum every ten minutes, that’s what I’m going to give it. Basically, I will first tend to the need of the video game before I think exactly about the music.

Resolution Magazine has a Fallout 3 retrospective article.

In total, I’ve put well over 25 hours into Fallout 3 so far, and I’ve managed to get absolutely nowhere. It’s difficult to summon the courage to return to a world so ruined – and so ruinous – as that of Bethesda’s. Endless foraging, punishing combat, the chores of simply existing – can you blame me? It’s all so wearying. I just don’t have the energy for it.

Come on, is he really saying that combat in unmodded Fallout 3 is too difficult?

And finally, No Mutants Allowed has a thread where dedicated weaponx showcases his in-progress work on a Fallout costume.

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