Fallout tidbits
Fallout tidbits
The Fallout tidbits are a summary of various minor articles and newsbits concerning Fallout games.
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While there's still no major news, and as we wait for the new Fallout: New Vegas patch, here's another roundup of minor Fallout-related tidbits. If you have more, please post them here in the comments.

CVG lists "10 things you must try in Fallout New Vegas".

WASTELANDS GONE WILD! Acquire the 'Wild Wasteland' perk and your New Vegas experience gets trippier. 30 hours in and we've giggled at a dead Indiana Jones stuffed inside a fridge a la Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, listened to some panicking schmoe quote Bill 'Hudson' Paxton's immortal "They're coming outta the walls!" line from Aliens and encountered/defused 'The One' - a dud nuke still lying dormant in the Mojave...

Fallout: New Vegas keeps coming up in various top lists. It's #10 in UK sales charts and #8 in the recent Xbox Live activity chart. Surprisingly, Fallout 3 is #6 in the Games for Windows Live chart.

New York Times recommends New Vegas as a Christmas gift:

FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS: The only game on this list that is clearly inappropriate for small children, New Vegas deserves to be here because it will appeal to a certain sort of lapsed gamer: a guy in his 30s or 40s who liked computer games back in the day but doesn’t get to play much anymore now that he has kids and a serious job. New Vegas sets you loose in a postapocalyptic Western wasteland, where you decide how good or evil you want to be. For teenagers New Vegas certainly contains more depth of narrative and character than the big-name shooters (though a lot fewer explosions).

As does the Washington Post:

3 'Fallout: New Vegas'Last year, "Fallout" players explored a radioactive and bombed-out version of Washington; this year's release tells a tale set in the Las Vegas area. There are nearly endless ways to unravel the stories offered in this gloomy world, which is filled with violent gangs and irradiated ghouls. Fun fact: A Rockville-based game company publishes this title. (Rated M; Xbox 360, PS3)

Fallout Corner reports that apparently all copies of Fallout: New Vegas have sold out in Poland.

Actor Wil Wheaton tweets in response to a player feeling bad about killing Robobrains (voiced by Wheaton):

Hey, it's the apocalypse; I kill Robobrain/me every chance I get. In his defense, though, he usually apologizes.

A mod was released at New Vegas Nexus that addresses a complaint from many players. New Vegas producer Tess Treadwell comments on it:

Oh good, I wasn't the only oneTess Treadwell, Twitter

J.R. Vosovic (designer of Fallout: New Vegas) has left Obsidian for a new job.

And finally, here's a music video based on a New Vegas dancing mod:

Fallout New Vegas Just Dance!

Fallout New Vegas Just Dance!