Fallout tidbits
Fallout tidbits
The Fallout tidbits are a summary of various minor articles and newsbits concerning Fallout games.
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Filefront has an article by Jim Sterling titled "Homosexuality and Fallout: New Vegas: A gay marriage made in gay Heaven". Here's a snippet:

Now, you may be asking what the big deal is, and why something so absolutely forgettable and easy to miss is fantastic and worthy of merit. That’s just the point though — Arcade Gannon’s sexuality isn’t a big deal, and that’s how videogames should play it. Not just videogames, in fact, but all media would do well to not make such a big deal out of homosexuality. Rarely is there a gay character whose identity doesn’t completely revolve around their sexuality. Maybe they have a gay crush on the main character, or are tastelessly camp, or have to struggle in a straight world full of homophobia. Often they tick all three of those boxes. In Fallout: New Vegas, gay characters just … are. Which is how most gay people exist in real life, too. If you’ve grown up watching too much television, you may think that gay people are all lisping, mincing crossdressers who constantly talk about how gay they are, and more often than not try to murder a heterosexual best friend who spurned their gay advances. Unfortunately for you, gay people generally aren’t like that in real life. They’re normal, and as boring as straight people are.

Obsidian producer Tess Treadwell commented on the piece:

This is Tess Treadwell, one of the producers on FNV. I wanted to mention that we also explore the disapproval of LGBT folks, as with the gay female companion. But like Arcade, it’s very much just part of the characters, not a focal part of the game nor their sole point of identity.

Small Screen Scoop interviews actress (and gamer) Felicia Day:

It’s just – it’s been a huge privilege to be a part of some of these games that I’ve done the voices with. I did Rock of the Dead with Neil Patrick Harris and Fallout which I played for eight hours yesterday and finally recruited myself which is a really – that was very odd to recruit myself and have myself talk to myself to me who is a player but play with my character. But my character is so good in that game I have a pneumatic gauntlet and I was – I one shot – have you played the game?

(“No, but I’ve watched it. I know what you’re talking about.”)

Felicia Day: Yeah, she’s completely overpowered in a wonderful way and she has great one-liners. The writers told me that they definitely were inspired by Joss Whedon when they wrote the character so I have the best clips in the game, I have to say not modestly.

She talks more about New Vegas in the rest of the interview too!

Planet Fallout has a New Vegas review roundtable:

What did you think of the quests?

Briosafreak: So far the game feels very Fallout 2 to me, with a MacGuffin to start things rolling, a lot of reputation and faction driven quests and some of them that are really well written.

Ixon: I loved the names, loved the multiple different ways of solving. The big problem I had was a bug failing two quests at once but other than that, enjoyed pretty much every quest I encountered.

Blinzler: Quite frankly I loved them. I love how the later quests are branching out, giving you the opportunity to go for vastly different outcomes. I love how some quest intermingle, sometimes making you chose between one or the other. I love the writing, some of the characters/companions really grow on you.

Tyrannicalsaurus Rex: Other than a few quest-stopping bugs I encountered, I enjoyed them immensely due to the variety of them and the fact that some quests would build upon other quests, while some would force you to make tough choices. Throw in multiple ways to solve some of them, and you get some pretty impressive replayability.

Yahtzee's new Zero Punctuation is about New Vegas too.

IGN has a list of their favorite New Vegas memories:

Fallout: New Vegas is chock full of death and destruction, along with a fair helping of peculiar characters and bizarre side missions. The Mojave desert is a unique place and every person will experience the wasteland differently. We here at IGN thought it would be fun to share our favorite moments from New Vegas. Below you'll find memories from seven editors, and a visual interpretation of those memories in true Fallout fashion.

Fallout: New Vegas premiered in Japan, making it to the top of the 360 and PS3 charts there.

A NeoGAF user posts proof that the game can be finished without killing anyone.

Ctrl+Alt+Del has a comic about the famous New Vegas bucket exploit.

Wizards of the Coast guy shows off his awesome Fallout' costume.

ZeniMax buys yet another studio.

And finally, an anonymous Vault user has discovered the hidden Meat of Champions perk. Yummy!