Fallout tidbits
Fallout tidbits
The Fallout tidbits are a summary of various minor articles and newsbits concerning Fallout games.
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Rapper and actor Ice T tweets about New Vegas:

'Fallout New Vegas' It's slow... The load screens take forever.. Too much talking... It froze once.. BUT I CAN"T STOP PLAYING IT!!!!

I just killed Benny and jacked the platinum chip..I had a dream about this fuckin game!!

Maybe Bethesda should offer him a role in the DLC.

CVG reports that most of Obsidian's New Vegas team has already moved on to a new project.

Almost everyone who was on New Vegas was slated to move over to another project within a week or two after it went out, so they're all getting ramped up on other projects now (...) We're keeping them pretty busy.

We've been filling vacation requests from everyone so it's been building up for a while," he added. "We actually ended up doing a lot of that earlier this month and last month so everyone's coming back now and getting into the swing of things.

Chris Avellone

Shinji Mikami's (Resident Evil) new studio, Tango Gameworks has been acquired by ZeniMax, Bethesda's parent company.

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