FANDOM has interviewed Obsidian's Chris Avellone about Fallout: New Vegas. Here's a translated excerpt:

"In New Vegas we put more emphasis on interaction with the various factions. Therefore, there are countless ways to mess up with a group, or instead ingratiate yourself with them. We also added customizable weapons, a more sophisticated followers system and new dialog options," responds Chris Avellone, Creative Director at Obsidian Entertainment, to our question, what most distinguishes Fallout: New Vegas from Fallout 3. He adds that the various characters would also respond differently to actions of the player. "Of course there are situations in which the player can tell in an instant if he screwed up, but sometimes you can only notice the consequences hours later. Our dialogue system functions similar to that," says Avellone. However, mistakes can be fixed later in the game. "At a later point, when you have improved a skill or stat, with which you can suck up, you can try your luck with them," concludes Avellone.
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