OXM New Vegas preview advert

The #56 issue of the Official Xbox Magazine goes on sale tomorrow, and it is of no interest to Fallout fans, aside from one thing - the information that in the next issue, #57, which goes on sale on February 11, we will find the first, world exclusive information about Obsidian Entertainment's Fallout: New Vegas (not in Game Informer, as earlier rumors said). Will the rumored information turn out to be correct anyway? Stay tuned!

Update: Duck and Cover asked John Hicks, OXM editor, why the magazine calls New Vegas a Bethesda game, rather than an Obsidian one. Here's the response:

Thanks for writing, but that’s intentional. The feature itself is of course based around Obsidian but Bethesda is cited because it’s the publisher, and because it’s the better known of the two companies. The image is an internally created ad for a forthcoming issue rather than the cover itself, so it’s been created to spark interest rather than go into precise detail. Seems to have succeeded in that respect, at least.

Which confirms that image itself is not an actual Fallout: New Vegas screenshot, but rather a quick photoshop of a Fallout 3 screenshot and the Vegas sign.

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