I haven't seen the OXM article about Fallout: New Vegas as such yet, but here are some bits that we haven't heard of before (or not in such detail) posted by various people about its contents:

  • The Brotherhood of Steel will make an appearance, but won't be one of the main factions, unlike the New California Republic and the Caesar's Legion
  • Special attacks in VATS are performed by pressing Y (For 360)
  • The Pip-Boy in the game is the Pip-Boy 3000 from Fallout 3
  • Your quest in the wasteland involves finding out who tried to murder you and what was in the package you were carrying
  • In Goodsprings, there is the option of joining with the Powder Gangers and ruining the town.
  • Customization - Scopes on pistols is one example. It also affects the guns performance, add a large magazine to a weapon, and you'll notice longer, but fewer reloading times.
  • The reputation will be important to the ending
  • Nightkin have been turned schizophrenic through prolonged use of Stealth Boys, they deactivate their camo before attacking you, with a club. You can only target them in VATS when they're visible.
  • You can covince Tabitha that the dumb mutants are planning a revolt against the smart ones, and that causes a battle between the two factions, leaving you to go and grab up Raul.
  • Poseidon Energy was developing a solar weapon called Archimedes II. The plant is currently controlled by NCR, and they've placed a guy named Fantastic in charge of the plant, he hasn't figured out how to activate the plant or the weapon yet. But, if you're good enough, then you can. You can divert power to the wastes, or use the weapon for your own ends.
  • SPECIAL descriptions are back: If you have 1 Endurance, your Endurance description is 'Basically Dead' and with 10 Charisma you are 'Cult Leader'.

Thanks, Dark Anomaly and Reconite!

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