Here are some new developer tidbits regarding Fallout: New Vegas from Bethesda and Obsidian forums.

This has already been pointed out, but virtually all of the voices in the E3 demo were placeholder.

Sgt. Cooper was voiced by an intern at the agency we work with in Hollywood. All of the E3 demo voices were either people around their office or members of the development team.

It was delightfully awful, and entertaining in its own way, but we're not keeping it. We have professional actors who have recorded real VO and we'll be talking about that soon.
Jason Bergman, Bethesda Forum
Hardcore mode does not affect damage done or received.J.E. Sawyer, Bethesda Forum
Blackjack is parameterized a bit more than slots and roulette at casinos. Each casino uses a different number of decks (1-4) and reshuffles after a specified number of cards have been dealt. The casinos also offer different blackjack payouts and differ in whether the dealer stands on a soft 17 or not. So yes, you can card count at tables and since no one can peek at you through your monitor (?) you could do it very thoroughly.J.E. Sawyer, Bethesda Forum
"War never changes," isn't about the face of war, organization of war, or its various mechanisms. It's about humanity's ceaseless love affair with war and its most basic motivations. "In the 21st century, war was still waged over the resources that could be acquired." Despite the obvious ideological differences between NCR and Caesar's Legion, the conflict in F:NV is fundamentally about basic resources: water and electricity.J.E. Sawyer, Obsidian Forum
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