There's a new, short dev diary by J.E. Sawyeron the official Fallout: New Vegas site, titled "It's a Small Wasteland". Here's an excerpt:

I enjoy talking about our work and I have the good fortune to be able to do so to the press and fans, but I worry that it obfuscates the immense volume of human time, headaches, frustration, and creative passion that goes into making something of this scale. This is not the result of one person's ideas, the fruit of one person's labor. And though the press and fans have emphasized the connection between the Obsidian of today and Black Isle of days gone by, I believe it diminishes the role of both Bethesda, in developing Fallout 3, and the myriad developers at Obsidian who are coming to Fallout for the first time. Without their creativity and drive, this game could never have been made.

Here's also some new dev quotes from the official forums:

Hermes armor:

NCR Ranger combat armor is not intended to be (Van Buren's) Poseidon HERMES armor project reborn. I believe that alphanumeric code on the antenna was added as a superfluous detail by the artist.J.E. Sawyer


Lockpick skill affects lockpick durability in F:NV.

"Good" guys are evil! twists:

Personally, I don't think twists/reversals of that sort add complexity or depth. It's kind of a cheap trick, on par with extending a pop song's length by changing the key. I think it's more interesting to give the player a basic initial impression of a person or group and layer on complexity and depth over time. I think John and the designers did a good job of making the groups feel like they are comprised of individuals with their own motivations, strengths, and weaknesses. With very few exceptions, I always found someone or something to love in a group and someone or something to hate.J.E. Sawyer

How do Trigger Discipline/Fast Shot work?

It changes spread. In GECK terms, 2.0 would become 1.6 with Trigger Discipline and 2.4 with Fast Shot.

360-exclusive DLC:

I want everyone to be clear on two things from the release that went out.
  1. All we announced is that the first DLC will be exclusive to Xbox LIVE. It'll be available this holiday season through Xbox LIVE.
  2. More details about plans for additional content will be released in the coming weeks.
Beyond that, I don't have any information to share. Again, we'll share more info in the coming weeks.
Matt Grandstaff
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